Do injections work? For how long?
We offer ESI’s, trigger point injections, as well as large and small joint injections. Epidural Steroid Injections (ESI’s) in the neck and back are very effective for reducing pain and inflammation and may provide relief of radiculopathy, which is pain radiating into the arms and legs. Pain relief is usually within 2-3 days after an injection and can last for several weeks or longer. A second injection is sometimes needed to give longer-term relief. Trigger point injections may provide immediate relief to muscle pain and spasms and post-traumatic headaches. They can last up to several weeks or longer. Large and small joint injections can also reduce pain and inflammation for arthritis, cartilage and muscle injuries. They too can last from weeks to months or longer. Trigger point injections and joint injections can be done with steroids, homeopathic medications, PRP or stem cells.

Should I bring x-rays to my first visit?
Yes, bring all x-rays, MRI’s, and reports with you to your first appointment. The more information you provide our doctors, the better and faster we can evaluate and diagnose your problem and suggest the best course of treatment.

Do chiropractors help pain?
Chiropractic treatments to the neck and back can help alleviate pain in many instances. Treatments are often combined with an active physical therapy program. We work closely with many excellent chiropractors and physical therapists. A complete orthopedic spinal evaluation can help direct more complete and effective care.

Can you cure arthritis?
No, there is no direct cure. Normal aging of the spine is referred to as a degenerative disk disease. The degenerative (or wearing out) condition of the disks in the neck and back can sometimes be painful and require treatment. Treatment for pain begins with conservative care, such as physical therapy, medications, and occasionally injections. Surgery is sometimes needed to help chronic degenerative disk disease pain.

Arthritis of the joints, such as the knee, shoulder and hip is also a wearing out degenerative condition. Arthritis of these joints is a different type of arthritis than of the neck and back as it involves a different type of cartilage, but is treated similarly with medications, injections, physical therapy, and sometimes surgery.

Do all disk herniations need surgery?
No. Most disk herniations in the neck and back improve over time with conservative care, consisting of physical therapy, medications, and occasionally injections. A large part of our practice is treating disk herniations in the neck and back without surgery.

What are the differences between a Orthopedic Spine Surgeon and a Neurosurgeon?
Orthopedic surgeons and Neurosurgeons are trained in spine care. The main focus of orthopedic surgery is bones and joints. The main focus of neurosurgery is the brain and nerves. Dr. Nucci is fellowship trained in spinal surgery. This is an additional training beyond the usual orthopedic residency. This type of training is available to both orthopedic and neurosurgeons who wish to focus predominantly on spine care. As a fellowship trained spine surgeon, Dr. Nucci is an expert in treating all aspects of spinal care by both conservative means and surgical intervention.

FAQs about Nucci Medical

What kind of patients does Nucci Medical see?
Our doctors care for patients who have suffered traumatic orthopedic injuries through personal injury, workers’ compensation, or other trauma (such as sports-related injuries and slip and falls).

Does Nucci Medical accept insurance?
Nucci Medical is a private-pay medical center and therefore does not participate with insurance companies, Medicaid, or Medicare. Our doctors specialize in auto accident, workers’ compensation, and other traumatic and personal injuries.

Why choose Nucci Medical?
Our focus at Nucci Medical is putting our patients first and providing innovative medicine along with a friendly and old-fashioned approach to care. We have an excellent staff with trained and dedicated nurses and medical assistants. At Nucci Medical, our doctors see each patient every time and at every visit, the old-fashioned way. You can rest assured, you will be cared for by highly trained staff and doctors who take the time to truly understand your pain. We are a one-of-a-kind facility, focusing on a quick return to function with outpatient procedures where patients can leave the same day as their surgery.