The Next Generation In Telemedicine Appointments

At Nucci Medical, our board-certified physicians are dedicated to offering all patients the latest techniques in Healthcare and Healthcare Technology.

For our patients in the Lakeland and Bradenton/Sarasota areas, we have designed two state-of-the-art Tele-offices for your convenience. Using our proprietary audiovisual hardware, patients are seen and examined in large and comfortable exam rooms. The doctor is seen live on a large interactive video tower. The patient is examined with the assistance of a trained nurse, under the direction of Dr. Robert Nucci.

You can expect a comprehensive orthopedic spinal exam during your initial tele-office visit. Validated examination techniques and equipment are used to ensure completeness. The results of the exam are documented in real time for accuracy. Patient diagnostic studies are reviewed by tele-radiology. After the exam, diagnostics and treatment options are reviewed with the patient using models, anatomical posters and animated videos. Follow-up visits and other necessary diagnostic studies can also be scheduled.

We are dedicated to offering
“Innovative Medicine – Old-Fashioned Care TM”