Successful Cervical Disc Replacement and Fusion

Dr. Nucci follows up with Scott Youngblood, a patient who was injured in a car accident and suffered from severe neck pain. After trying conservative care for two years, Scott's pain was still affecting his daily life. Scott underwent a successful cervical disc replacement and cervical fusion in October of 2017. Now, we catch up with Scott a year and a half later to see how he is doing!

"I feel like I am part of my family again"

Joe T., patient of Nucci Medical Clinic, shares his story about lumbar endoscopic discectomy surgery.

"I feel so good...very comfortable....very healthy"

Mrs Maria can enjoy her life again. Lumbar fusion surgery done by Dr.Nucci changed her life.

"I was up walking within 10 minutes..."

Jerry J., the patient of Dr. Nucci had a major lumbar fusion surgery after his automobile accident. He is sharing his experience at Nucci Medical Clinic.